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Wind Power and the Environment

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Wind Power and the Environment Please share/bookmark with: Effects of Wind Power on the Environment Wind power is a clean and environmentally friendly technology that catches or extracts the kinetic energy in the wind and converts it to other useful forms of energy, for example, mechanical work to pump water or grind corn, or electrical energy to power our homes. Compared to other more traditional forms of energy sources, the environmental impact of wind power on our planet, either local,

Greenhouse Gases

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Greenhouse Gases Please share/bookmark with: Greenhouse Gases and the Greenhouse Effect Greenhouse Gases, or GHG’s are those unwanted gases that exist in our atmosphere and as such contribute to global climate change, either directly or indirectly by trapping the Earth’s heat and making our planet warmer. Although some of these greenhouse gases occur naturally within the atmosphere, the result of human and industrial activity on the Earth has increased their quantity altering and affecting the atmospheric balance. We all know

Global Warming

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Global Warming Please share/bookmark with: Global Warming Effects and Causes Global Warming is the generalised term used to describe the incremental rise in the average global temperatures above those temperatures predicted from the patterns of data collected over the past years. The affect of global warming has a significant impact on everything from unpredictable weather patterns and cycles, to the rapid melting of the polar ice caps and as such global warming is disturbing the natural ecosystem of the Earth.

Carbon Capture and Storage

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Carbon Capture and Storage Please share/bookmark with: Carbon Capture and Storage of Fossil Fuel Gasses Carbon capture and storage comprises of a range of so-called “low carbon” technologies and schemes that are designed to reduce the harmful environmental affects from burning fossil fuels. As its name suggests, the idea behind carbon capture is to capture and store these emissions before they have chance to damage the environment producing a cleaner technology. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies pitch themselves along

Solar Gardens

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Solar Gardens Please share/bookmark with: Solar Gardens in the Home Solar Gardens use the sun’s energy to power pumps, fountains and ornamental lights throughout the year. Solar powered path and garden lights are nowadays becoming common in most garden centres, DIY stores as well as online because as we have seen throughout this alternative energy website, there are a lot of advantages to the free and green solar power. As well as the fauna and flora, two other important elements

Solid Waste

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Solid Waste Please share/bookmark with: Solid Waste as a Renewable Resource Solid waste by definition is any type of waste materials with the exception of gases and liquid waste, produced by difference sources and are no longer regarded as valuable by their owner, and are therefore discarded. Solid waste includes organic and inorganic household wastes, local authority waste and general rubbish as well as both commercial and industrial wastes that have been thrown away. Solid waste disposal is one of