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Bypass Diode

Solar Panel Shading

Bypass Diode for Solar Panel Protection Bypass Diodes in PV Panels Bypass Diodes are used in solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to protect partially shaded PV cells from fully operating cells in full sun within the same solar panel when used in high voltage series arrays. Solar photovoltaic panel are a great way to generate free electrical energy using the power of the sun. You just place them wherever you want and away you go either as part of an off-grid

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Designing a DIY Solar Power System

diy solar power

DIY Solar Power Designing a DIY Solar Power System Residential solar photovoltaic systems supply electricity directly to a home using solar panels mounted on a roof or an open area. These types of solar systems are basically the same type of system installed by pioneering homeowners back in the early days of solar development, the difference today however, is that the solar panels are much more energy efficient, lighter and also a lot cheaper. The type of electricity produced by

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Efficiency of Biomass Energy

efficiency of biomass energy

Efficiency of Biomass Energy The Efficiency of Biomass Energy Over the recent years, interest in, and the use of, renewable energy has been growing fast due mainly to the serious problems associated with fossil fuel usage, such as their rapid depletion, effects on global warming and the environmental damage that their combustion creates. Many of the sources we class today as renewable energies, such as biomass, hydro power and wind power, have been used by humans for thousands of years

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Energy Saving Tips

energy saving tips

Energy Saving Tips Energy Saving Tips For The Home Energy Saving involves simple yet effective ways of decreasing your energy use. We are paying a lot more these days for energy of all kinds to heat our homes and work places so reducing our energy needs isn’t just glamorous but helps to save money and the planet. Energy saving isn’t just about switching off the lights or turning down the boiler or thermostat, its also about increasing energy efficiency so

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Wind Power and the Environment

wind power environment

Wind Power and the Environment Effects of Wind Power on the Environment Wind power is a clean and environmentally friendly technology that catches or extracts the kinetic energy in the wind and converts it to other useful forms of energy, for example, mechanical work to pump water or grind corn, or electrical energy to power our homes. Compared to other more traditional forms of energy sources, the environmental impact of wind power on our planet, either local, regional or global,

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Greenhouse Gases

greenhouse gas

Greenhouse Gases Greenhouse Gases and the Greenhouse Effect Greenhouse Gases, or GHG’s are those unwanted gases that exist in our atmosphere and as such contribute to global climate change, either directly or indirectly by trapping the Earth’s heat and making our planet warmer. Although some of these greenhouse gases occur naturally within the atmosphere, the result of human and industrial activity on the Earth has increased their quantity altering and affecting the atmospheric balance. We all know that the Earth’s

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