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Alternative Energy Tutorials on Solar Hot Water

Solar Pool Heating

solar pool heating

Solar Pool Heating Using the Power of the Sun to Heat a Swimming Pool Solar Pool Heating is one of the most cost-effective use of solar energy today. The majority of swimming pools need some form of pool heating, either to increase the pools temperature during the spring and autumn seasons, or to help maintain a constant water temperature throughout the summer season when the pool is used the most. Generally, recreational and garden swimming pools only require a low

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Solar Power Tower

solar power tower

Solar Power Tower Concentrating Solar Tower for Generating Electricity A Solar Power Tower also known as a Central Receiver, is the big daddy of all concentrating solar collectors. Solar towers uses hundreds if not thousands of small sun tracking mirrored solar dish collectors, called heliostats similar to the ones in the previous parabolic and dish collector tutorials that are used to reflect the sunlight directly onto a centrally located heat absorbing receiver. The solar power tower name comes from the

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Solar Dish Collector

solar dish cooker

Solar Dish Collector Parabolic Solar Dish Concentrator Another type of concentrating solar collector that optically reflects and focuses the suns incident solar energy onto a small receiving area using mirrors or lenses is called a Solar Dish Collector, or more technically, a point focusing collector. By concentrating the sunlight to a single spot, the intensity of the receiving solar energy is magnified many times over with each mirror or lens acting as a single sun shining directly at the same

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Parabolic Trough Reflector

parabolic trough collector

Parabolic Trough Reflector A Parabolic Trough Reflector Increases the Suns Energy Thus far we have seen a number of different types of solar collector designs that use the energy of the sun to heat water. Each design whether a basic blackened flat panel collector or a more advanced evacuated tube collector all have their own advantages and disadvantages and for the majority of domestic solar hot water systems, these types of solar collectors are more than adequate. But in order

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Integral Collector Storage

solar batch collector

Integral Collector Storage Integral Collector Storage (ICS) Passive System Integral Collector Storage systems, also known as ICS, “batch” or “bread box” water heating systems, are very similar in design and operation to the flat plate panel collector we looked at previously. This time however, the heat tubes inside the insulated glazed box are much, much bigger in diameter. As their name suggests, in an integral collector storage (ICS) system, the collector and tank are combined into one single unit so

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Evacuated Tube Collector

evacuated tube collector

Evacuated Tube Collector Solar Evacuated Tube Collectors for Solar Hot Water In the previous tutorial we looked at Solar Flat Plate Collectors and saw that they consist of a blackened metal absorber plate and water pipes enclosed within a sealed glazed and insulated metal (or wooden) box. Pipes called riser, soldered to the absorber plate carry liquid that is heated by the sun and in a direct heating system, water is heated as it circulates through the panels to the

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