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Understanding Batteries

Trojan T105RE Battery

Understanding batteries and how we can use them in an off-grid or stand alone photovoltaic storage system is important for ensuring a long service life. Batteries convert chemical energy into electrical energy and vice versa, so deciding on what battery to use, or how many batteries you will need, depends on the power and capacity requirements of your solar energy application as well as what kind of deep-discharge and recharge cycling rate the batteries will be subjected to.

Solar Cooling

solar cooling

Solar Cooling Systems Please share/bookmark with: Solar Cooling Systems Solar Cooling is another efficient use of renewable energy technologies to help cool our homes and work places. The necessity for air-conditioning for our homes in hot areas around the world and the abundance of the sunshine within these areas has brought about a willingness to combine the two for the benefit of the people who live there. In contrast to other types of solar applications such as solar heating, the

Pico Solar Systems

pico solar light

Pico Solar System Please share/bookmark with: Pico Solar System We have all seen large photovoltaic solar panels on top of roofs or in array fields generating many kilowatts of free electricity. But there is another form of solar energy that has started to emerge called pico solar or pico pv, that uses small compact and light weight solar photovoltaic panels to generate just a few watts of power in a wide range of small and portable applications. Pico Solar Systems

Energy Storage

deep cycle battery

Energy Storage Please share/bookmark with: Energy Storage is the Key to a Renewable Energy Future Energy helps drive our modern world, by putting petrol in our cars, food in our stomachs, and batteries in our toys because nearly everything we use in our world needs energy of some form to make it happen and until we discovered the many uses of electricity, there wasn’t much need for Energy Storage. Back in the day our usage of energy was direct by