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Burning Fossil Fuels

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Burning Fossil Fuels and Fossil Fuel Facts Burning Fossil Fuels and Fossil Fuel Facts We constantly hear that our current energy system is not sustainable as it is completely dependent on Fossil Fuels – coal, oil and gas, and that these non-renewable resources will eventually run out one day. As their collective name indicates, “fossil fuels” are formed from fossils, the preserved remains of long-dead plants and animals buried deep underground. Buried over the course of hundreds of millions of

Why are Fossil Fuels Non-renewable

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Why are Fossil Fuels a Non-renewable Resource Why are Fossil Fuels a Non-renewable Resource Fossil fuels are everywhere. They are in the air we breath, the ground we walk on, and even the oceans and seas we swim in. All these contain supplies of fossil fuels. Today, most of the world’s energy we use is obtained by the burning of fossil fuels with the major sources being coal, petroleum and natural gas. So where do fossil fuels come from? –

Fossil Fuels

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What are Fossil Fuels Are Fossil Fuels a Renewable or Non-renewable Energy? Energy plays an important role in today’s modern society, it drives our lives and heats our homes. With the day-to-day demand for electricity increasing at an alarming rate worldwide, due to high industrial growth and the extensive use of electrical equipment and gadgets around the modern home has meant that for humans, the availability of energy has never been so important. With increased energy demand in the form