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Freshwater Production


Freshwater production technologies can help sustain all the life here on Earth with access to clean drinkable freshwater supplies being a major human need. Water is the most essential ingredient for our bodies so having access to fresh clean drinking water is vital. Desalination plants and large scale solar stills are being installed and used all over the world in order to satisfy the freshwater demand in countries where access to fresh clean drinking water can sometimes be a challenge

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Hydrogen Energy

hydrogen energy gas

Hydrogen energy from a renewable energy perspective is a low-carbon energy supply we can use to power our homes and cars. Green hydrogen is a clean energy source which can play an important role in reducing the global requirements of fossil fuels. The use of hydrogen energy can provide the bridge between the variable output from solar photovoltaics and wind turbines as well as becoming a lowest-cost option for storing large quantities of electrical energy. Hydrogen and hydrogen-based transportation fuels can help transport renewable energy sources over longer distances

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Solar Radiation

solar radiation

Solar radiation from the sun is the major component of a photovoltaic panel in the generation of electricity. The sun emits huge amounts of energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation which travels from the sun’s core to the Earth’s surface throughout the day. The amount of solar radiation which reaches the Earth’s surface varies daily due to atmospheric conditions of dust particles, water vapour and clouds. The performance of any PV system is mainly influenced by the amount of solar radiation that arrives at the surface of the PV’s panel

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How to Get Closer to an Off Grid Home

roof solar panels

If you’re considering the many options available to reduce your home’s dependence on fossil fuels such as coal and gas, chances are you’re one of the few that has looked seriously at installing solar panels. If you drive either a hybrid or entirely electric car (or use public transit and/or bikes and walking) and are compulsive about minimizing energy use wherever possible, whether that be by switching off lights, taking short showers, or unplugging unused appliances, then an off-grid option may be for you

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Fracking Shale Gas

fracking gas

Fracking shale gas is a relatively new attempt at solving the challenges of burning more traditional fossil fuels. Methane gas created by the decomposition of trapped organic material over millions of years at high pressures and temperatures is trapped inbetween layers of impermeable nonporous hard rock called shale formations, creating pockets of gas deposits. As the gas cannot easily travel through these hard rock formations, the challenge is to reach these pockets and release the trapped gas by means of fracking

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Environmental Impact of Wind Energy

wind turbine design

Environmental impact of wind energy and wind farms on the local wildlife and their habitats has been a topic of conversation for many years. Climate change issues,a reduction of CO2 emissions, depleted fossil fuel reserves and soaring fuel prices have all led to an increase in the use of renewable energy sources with wind energy and wind power generation being a cost efficient energy source. Wind turbines generate electricity by harnessing the power of the wind using rotor blades or propellers set in motion by the energy of the wind. While wind power does not produce harmful emissions or hazardous waste or deplete natural resourses, it does however have an impact on the natural habitats of birds and bats

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Turning Your Roof into an Energy Saving Feature

living roof garden image

Turning your roof into an energy saving feature is not as crazy as it sounds. Green roofs have many energy-saving and environmental benefits as well as helping to manage stormwater, provide shade, control temperatures, reduce airborne emissions and provide a green outdoor environment for wildlife and birds. Greening your roof with a layer of vegetation helps form a barrier to the sun’s radiation preventing high indoor temperatures and with a green roof’s soil and vegetation layer absorbing and filtering rain water, turning your roof into a green roof increases its energy performance and limits stormwater runoff

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Renewable Energy Sources

types of alternative energy

Renewable energy sources of energy are abundantly available around the world but are also insufficiently exploited to reduce our dependancy on harmful fossil fuels and increase energy capacity. Renewable energy technologies which harness the potential of the sun, sea, waves and thermal heat have the benefits of reducing the environmental and climate impact on life while at the same time providing a cost effective means of powering our homes and vehicles. The development of high-efficiency solar cells and modules, geothermal heat pumps and marine energy devices create an environment based on renewable sources that provide flexibility to the energy system

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Alternative Energy

stand alone pv system

Alternative Energy technologies are a way for the future planet to secure clean and efficient sources of energy. Solar energy is by far the most resourceful source of energy for the future but over the last decades there has been a flurry of activities in the field of alternative energy and renewable energy technology to reduce our dependence on traditional fossil fuels. Alternative energy is the generic name used to encompass everything that is not based on fossil fuel consumption with solar, wind, biomass, and marine technologies being the major ones. These alternative energy sources offer a green, clean and sustainable future but at what cost to the environment

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