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Alternative Energy Tutorials on Hydro Energy

Waterwheel Design

water wheel design

Waterwheel designs use shaped buckets or blades transfer the kinetic energy of flowing water into a rotary movement of a shaft. Waterwheel deigns include overshot, breastshot and undershot designs use the gravitational effect of water pushing against the buckets or blades in different ways. Many factors influence the performance of each waterwheel design including are the number of buckets, wheel diameter and width, bucket shape and rotational speed.

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Hydro Energy

hydroelectric power

Hydro energy generation uses the gravational movement of water using conventional hydro, run-of-river, or pump-storage systems to funnel the water through hydro turbines in order to generate electrical power. Hydro energy ranges from large scale hydropower facilities using dams, reservoirs and storage, to small scale run-of-river projects in streams and rivers making it one of the most mature renewable technologies for electricity generation around the world. Hydro energy is the sustainable and safe exploitation of water with the different types of turbines defining the system.

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