Alternative Energy Tutorials about Tidal Energy

Tidal Energy from the Sea

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Tidal energy technologies are constantly being developed to meet our ever increasing energy needs and reduce our fossil fuel footprint. Several technologies have emerged to harness the energy of the seas from hydrokinetic tidal turbines in open water to submerged tidal stream devices. While renewable forms of energy from our oceans are important for a low-carbon sustainable future, their positioning along the coastline and use must not have a negative impact on the local marine ecosystem, its wildlife or the environment. Tidal energy from the sea is a green technology and a promising sources of renewable energy globally

Tidal Power

tidal power

Tidal Power takes advantage of the kinetic energy stored in the movement of the incoming and outgoing tides using tidal stream devices, as well as the daily differences between the high tide and low tide at a given location using tidal barages. Tidal power is a non-polluting technology with a great potential to generate large amounts of electrical energy as the moving sea water drives underwater turbines with current technologies based around tidal range and tidal stream devices.

Tidal Fence Energy

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Tidal Fence energy is a tidal energy technology which uses tidal currents to generate power. Tidal fence or tidal current technologies harness the energy of tidal currents and tidal streams to generate renewable, pollution free electricity on both the incoming and outgoing tides. Large underwater turbines are used for harnessing the tidal power to generate electricity. Reciprocating tidal current devices use hydrofoil type blades which move up and down as the tidal currents flow on either side of the blade

Tides an Alternative Energy

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Tidal energy devices and technologies use the power of the oceans to generate renewable forms of energy and are therefore important for a low-carbon future, Tidal energy devices do not alter the worlds climate or have have any harmful effect on human health or our ecosystem, and are less damaging to the environment than conventional means of energy generation. The ocean stores a vast amount of energy that can be harvested and tidal stream devices extract the energy from the oceans tides by using its continuously moving currents to rotate large underwater turbines

Tidal Energy Generation

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Tidal energy generation is electrical power generation from marine tidal currents and flow. The tidal currents flowing around our oceans and seas have long being recognized as a reliable resource which can be used and exploited for the sustainable generation of electric power. The oceans and seas around the earth have long been seen as a vast renewable energy resource. The energy stored in the oceans is partly thermal energy from solar heating, partly kinetic energy from the waves and currents, as well as the range of chemical and biological products present. Numerous technologies and systems for capturing or extracting the tidal energy from the oceans are wide and varied

Tidal Fence

tidal fence

Tidal fence schemes are another form of tidal stream technology, which directly exploits fast flowing underwater ocean currents for energy generation making them less costly than above water dams, walls and structures. The contunual movement of the oceans tidal streams near to coastal areas and headlands present ideal locations for many tidal fence based energy devices as the power extracted by a tidal fence depends on the instantaneous velocity of the water through the fence when using slower turning turbines.

Tidal Stream

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Tidal stream generation is very similar to the principles of wind power generation in which tidal turbine generators are placed on the ocean floor. Tidal stream currents flow across the turbine blades which extract the kinetic energy from the moving tidal streams powering a generator to create electricity. Both shallow and deep projects use the same technologies, the difference is in the supporting structure and its foundations and moorings.

Tidal Barrage

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Tidal barrage schemes are another form of ocean based renewable energy generation technology which uses long walls, dams, sluice gates or tidal locks to capture and store the potential energy of the ocean. Tidal barrage schemes harness the potential energy of the seas and oceans using one-direction and bi-directional turbines for power generation and pumped storage with the current technology used to convert tidal range into electricity being similar to conventional hydroelectric schemes.

Tidal Energy

tidal energy

Tidal Energy can supply an immense and reliable source of energy by using the oceans tides to generate electricity. Tidal energy has the potential to play an important role in the sustainable energy needs of the planet. The main advantage over other forms of renewable sources is that the movement of the oceans tides is predictable. The energy extracted from the oceans tides from both the vertical movements of the waves, and the kinetic energy of tidal currents can play an important role in a sustainable energy future.