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Biomass Energy Video

Please watch the following video to learn even more about Biomass Energy


An informational video about Biomass Energy and the different biomass and bioenergy sources available which we can use as a clean renewable energy resource.

Biomass energy is the descriptive term used for any kind of non-fossil fuel created material made using organic, biological or plant matter for use as an energy source. Biomass takes on many forms, but a good example of biomass energy is the open burning of dead wood, sticks or straw on a camp fire for heating and cooking. However, this type of biomass incineration is not very efficient as most of the heat energy it produces goes up with the smoke.

Today biomass technologies enable living plant matter such as agricultural crops, seeds, grasses, plants and woody materials to be converted into liquids or gases which themselves can then be used as a clean and green energy source to produce electric power, heat or fuel without directly polluting the environment.

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