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DIY Solar Panel Video

Please watch the following video to learn even more about DIY Solar Panel


Informational video showing how you can build a simple DIY solar panel from scratch.

The good thing about building your own solar panel from scratch is that you can make it any size you want to suite the space available and the power output you require.

Standard photovoltaic cells are generally available with voltages of about 0.5 volts for a range of power outputs. Photovoltaic cells can be connected together in series to multiply the pv cell voltage to get the output voltage you require. So if you want to charge a 12V deep cycle battery, then you will need a completed panel with an output voltage of 18V.

So if each photovoltaic cell is 0.5 volts, then you would need a panel consisting of 36 cells in series (36 x 0.5V = 18V output). Generally you would require a DIY panel of 18V to be sure to charge the 12 volt battery on cloudy days.

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