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Hydrokinetic Energy Video

Please watch the following video to learn even more about Hydrokinetic Energy


Informational video about Hydro Energy and how hydrokinetic energy uses the gravitational movement of water to power turbines and generate electrical energy.

Hydrokinetic energy uses turbines placed directly in river, ocean, or tidal currents to generate electrical power. The amount of hydrokinetic power available depends on the speed of the moving water in the form of a current within the river or ocean.

Hydrokinetic energy devices are ideally installed at various locations around the world which have relatively steady water flows throughout the year and are not affected by flooding, water turbulence, or long periods of low water levels.

Tidal currents under the gravitational influence of the moon and sun change direction and velocity depending on the local geography with river and tidal current hydrokinetic energy devices being installed above and below the waterline.

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