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Alternative Energy Tutorials on Biomass

Biochar Energy

Biochar Energy from Biomass

Biochar is a charcoal looking carbon rich substance formed by heating organic biomass plant matter in low-oxygen conditions by a process known as pyrolysis. Biochar can be added to the soil as an amendment and fertiliser to improve soil conditions as well as the sequestation of carbon in the soil to reduce levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. There are many biomass feedstocks suitable for biochar production but the type of biomass feedstock use in the pyrolysis process will determine the quality and efficiency of the biochar product

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Efficiency of Biomass Energy

efficiency of biomass energy

The efficiency of biomass energy depends on how effectively biomass resources can be converted into electrical power, heat and fuels using a variety of new techologies and traditional methods. Biomass energy crops are now being grown in vast quantities to produce modern forms of energy such as biofuels for transport, pellets for electricity generation as well as a wide diversity of bio-chemicals and bio-lubricants making biomass a truely versatile fuel.

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Biomass Resources

biomass sources

Biomass resources and biorenewable resources are all forms of organic materials, including plant matter both living and in waste form which can be used as an energy crops. The availability of biomass resources from forestry management, farming activities and agricultural industries depends on the energy crop specifically devoted to the production of biofuels from different cereals, beet and oilseeds for the production of bioethanol and biodiesel production

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Biomass Energy

biomass energy

Biomass energy is the description used for any kind of non-fossil fuel made using organic, biological or plant matter for use as an energy source. Today biomass technologies enable living plant matter such as agricultural crops, seeds, grasses, plants and woody materials to be converted into liquids or gases which can then be used as a clean and green energy source to produce electric power, heat or fuel without directly polluting the environment.

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