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Alternative Energy Tutorials on Renewable Energy

Sustainable Development

sustainable development

Sustainable development is about management and development of our energy needs so that they meet the requirements of the present day without compromising the ability of our future generations to meet theirs. The scarcity of clean drinking water, energy, and arable land for food crops all have an impact on climate change as the dependency on fossil fuels increases. Sustainable consumption and production is about managing the worlds resources in a controlled and cleaner way.

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Renewable Energy

types of alternative energy

Renewable energy sources are sources of energy that are natural, continuous and largely available. Renewable energy sources are constant supplies of energy that do not run out as they are being continually replenished by mother nature such as the suns solar radiation. The popularity of renewable energy is well known as millions of people around the world use it to generate electricity, cool and heat their homes or to produce a variety of cleaner vehicle fuels. Renewable energy sources include the wind, water, oceans and geothermal with the move towards 100% renewable energy taking place around the world.

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