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Solar Still Water

solar still diy

Solar Still is one of the best and most economical ways to distill water using the sun’s solar energy. The simplicity of the solar still is that produces clean water for drinking, cooking, and other such domestic purposes by using the sun’s solar radiation to evaporate and condensate dirty or salty water onto an inclined glass plate without the need for filters or electricity

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Solar Radiation

solar radiation

Solar radiation from the sun is the major component of a photovoltaic panel in the generation of electricity. The sun emits huge amounts of energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation which travels from the sun’s core to the Earth’s surface throughout the day. The amount of solar radiation which reaches the Earth’s surface varies daily due to atmospheric conditions of dust particles, water vapour and clouds. The performance of any PV system is mainly influenced by the amount of solar radiation that arrives at the surface of the PV’s panel

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Passive Solar Energy

roof solar panels

Passive solar design increases energy efficiency and comfort in homes. Sunlight can supply ample heat, light, and shade into a well-designed home without the need for HVAC machines and as such designing your home to use passive solar can reduce your heating and cooling energy bills. Passive solar energy design is nothing new but by designing the layout of your home with the sun in mind will make it more energy efficient, comfortable, and affordable

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How To Size A Solar System

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Sizing a solar system for your home or garden, whether off-grid with battery backup or grid-tied can be a daunting task. But reducing your electricity usage through conservation and efficiency measures as wellas a good home design plays an important role in keeping down the size and cost of any photovoltaic (PV) system you want to install. Using energy efficient appliances and lighting, as well as non-electric alternatives wherever possible, can make an off-grid solar photovoltaic powered system a cost competitive alternative to the utility power grid

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