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Save Money By Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Article 24/07/2021
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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Save Money By Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

alternative energy iconWith gas and electricity prices increasing year on year and the world’s fossil fuels running out, more and more people are turning to renewable energy sources. There are some changes you can make around the home to go some way in reducing your carbon footprint and saving you you money.

We had a look at how to save money by going green, so now let’s find out how.

Solar Water Heating

reducing your carbon footprint with solar water heating

By harnessing the green and renewable power of the sun, solar water heaters are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. There are two different types of solar panels to heat water: evacuated tubes and flat plate collectors. Both of these systems collect energy from the sun and transfer it to the hot water system, essentially heating your water for free.

Although the initial capital to buy the panels is pricey (plus, you need a relatively sunny roof to perch them on), the financial benefits quickly recoup this by drastically reducing your bills.

Reducing your Carbon Footprint with Low Voltage Lighting

Changing bulbs around the home can save on electricity. Swapping LED bulbs for halogen bulbs saves £14 for each bulb that is replaced. Extend that to every bulb in the house and you could save a tidy sum. According to the Energy Saving Trust, lighting accounts for 8% of annual household bills, so changing to more energy efficient lighting is an easy-to-implement money saving solution.

Helpful lighting outlets such as is a good place to start when looking for low voltage lighting.

Cavity Wall Insulation

reducing your carbon footprint with cavity wall insulation

If your home has wall cavities, then installing cavity wall insulation can save you up to £140 in energy bills a year. Expanding foam is pumped into the wall cavity, which then fills the gap and insulates the house. The low installation costs mean you recoup the initial outlay in just 4 years, which is a quick turnaround.

Energy Efficient Boiler

Replacing your old boiler with a newer, more energy efficient model can save you up to around £310 a year. Again, the initial cost of having a new boiler is steep, but as soon as a new boiler is installed, it will begin saving you money and effectively paying for itself. It is also a good idea to consider what kind of boiler you will need.

A combination or combi-boiler is useful for small households with a few people living in them, whereas a standard oil or gas fired boiler with a hot water cylinder storage tank is ideal for larger families who require more hot water.

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  • I have spent a fortune recently – glad to see i’m not the only one concerned!! V. interesting that you can save so much money by switching to a different boiler – I’m sure if everyone knew that the price would soar back up again!

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