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Renewable Energy Sources

types of alternative energy

Renewable energy sources of energy are abundantly available around the world but are also insufficiently exploited to reduce our dependancy on harmful fossil fuels and increase energy capacity. Renewable energy technologies which harness the potential of the sun, sea, waves and thermal heat have the benefits of reducing the environmental and climate impact on life while at the same time providing a cost effective means of powering our homes and vehicles. The development of high-efficiency solar cells and modules, geothermal heat pumps and marine energy devices create an environment based on renewable sources that provide flexibility to the energy system



Vermicomposting composting uses red earthworms and their by-products to produce a rich fine granular organic manure to enrich the soil improving the health of plants and flowers enormously, and today is a major part of organic gardening. Composting with earthworms is an excellent technique for making use of household kitchen scraps and garden rubbish that would have previously gone to landfill. Vermicomposting has a good potential to turn unwanted waste material into a valuable soil amendment all year round.

Anaerobic Composting

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Anaerobic composting uses bacterial micro-organism called anaerobes to produce a humus and nutrient rich organic matter in the absence of oxygen using fermentation, similar to the fermentation processes which occur naturally in bogs, swamps, marshes and other such wetlands that produce peat compost and moss. Wet Anaerobic Composting converts liquid organic wastes into a rich source of renewable energy in the form of Biogas.

Renewable Energy

types of alternative energy

Renewable energy sources are sources of energy that are natural, continuous and largely available. Renewable energy sources are constant supplies of energy that do not run out as they are being continually replenished by mother nature such as the suns solar radiation. The popularity of renewable energy is well known as millions of people around the world use it to generate electricity, cool and heat their homes or to produce a variety of cleaner vehicle fuels. Renewable energy sources include the wind, water, oceans and geothermal with the move towards 100% renewable energy taking place around the world.