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Understanding Batteries

Trojan T105RE Battery

Understanding batteries and how we can use them in an off-grid or stand alone photovoltaic storage system is important for ensuring a long service life. Batteries convert chemical energy into electrical energy and vice versa, so deciding on what battery to use, or how many batteries you will need, depends on the power and capacity requirements of your solar energy application as well as what kind of deep-discharge and recharge cycling rate the batteries will be subjected to.

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Solar Cooling

solar cooling

Solar cooling removes the need for refrigeration and air conditioning systems which can dramaticly increase electricity consumption and therefore greenhouse gas emissions. Solar cooling systems can save energy in comparison to conventional cooling technologies as their main design and operation uses solar energy. The advantage here is that any air conditioning and cooling requirements is at its highest when the solar irradiation is abundantly available so the cooling demand produced from solar energy is immediately used

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Pico Solar Systems

pico solar light

Pico solar systems use small scale photovoltaic panels for lighting and battery charging applications. There are still many people around the world who have no access to an electricity grid connection or require a portable energy source for camping or RV’s so pico solar systems can help in provide the essential energy required to fill this gap. Pico solar systems of only a few watts have experienced significant development in the past few years, combining very efficient LED bulbs with sophisticated charge controllers and energy efficient storage batteries providing power for lighting, phone charging or powering a radio, etc.

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Energy Storage

deep cycle battery

Energy storage fulfils three distinct functions of, to charge, to store and to discharge energy. An energy storage device is a device used for storing electrical energy and releasing it when required. The most commonly used for of energy storage device is the battery. Lead-acid batteries are a key component in any renewable energy storage system as an off-grid system that is not, or mostly not, connected to the utility grid requires some form of battery backup to supply the total energy needs of the complete energy system when renewables are no working

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