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10W Solar Panel

10w akt solar panel

10 watt photovoltaic solar panel are ideal for charging a single 12 volt battery for use in a motorhome, caravan or campsite. They are water resistant and sealed against the elements making them ideal for permanent use outdoors or in the garden providing free solar power to power garden lights, pond pumps, garden sheds and log cabins. When used in conjunction with a charge controller, these 10 watt, 12 volt panels can be used not only to charge storage batteries but a whole host of electrical devices

Solar Panel Review

photovoltaic panel

Solar photovoltaic panels convert sunlight into electricity as a renewable source of energy free from environmental emissions and pollution. Modern solar panel cells are made of doped silicon semiconductor material which transforms sunlight energy into electrical power. The technolgy used to produce this semiconductor material can be further categorised into two distinct subgroups of mono-crystalline silicon solar cells, and poly-crystalline silicon solar cells and here we review solar photovoltaic panels consisting of both types