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Alternative Energy Tutorials on Wave Energy

Wave Energy Devices

wave energy device

Wave energy devices are used to harness the potential energy produced by the oceans waves and currents with a great variety of wave energy devices and designs available to convert wave and tidal power into electrical power. Wave energy devices and technologies include wave profile devices which turn the oscillating height of the oceans surface into mechanical energy, oscillating water columns which convert the energy of the waves into air pressure and wave capture devices which convert the energy of the movement of the waves into potential energy.

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Wave Energy

wave energy

Wave Energy is another type of ocean based renewable energy resource which uses the power of the waves to generate electricity. Unlike tidal energy which uses the ebb and flow of the tides, wave energy uses the vertical up and down movement of the surface water converting the movement of the oceans waves into electrical energy. This is done by placing equipment on the surface of the ocean and seas to capture the kinetic energy produced by the wave movement and convert this mechanical energy into electrical power.

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