Alternative Energy Tutorials about Wave Energy

Solar Still Water

solar still diy

Solar Still is one of the best and most economical ways to distill water using the sun’s solar energy. The simplicity of the solar still is that produces clean water for drinking, cooking, and other such domestic purposes by using the sun’s solar radiation to evaporate and condensate dirty or salty water onto an inclined glass plate without the need for filters or electricity

Wind Turbine Generation

wind turbine design

How much electricity does a wind turbine generate is one of the main questions asked by homeowners looking to buy a wind turbine generator. While wind turbine generators are environmentally friendly generators that generate electrical energy using wind power, The type of turbine generator, its blade design and efficiency are all factors which determine its annual power generating performance. Location, wind speed, rotor diameter and variable speed designs for small and mid-size wind turbines all affect its power output. Accurate data of wind speeds and direction throughout a yearly cycle will help in understanding the operating characteristics of a wind turbine allowing for a better purchasing choice

Why are Fossil Fuels Non-renewable

coal energy

Fossil fuels are non-renewable sources of energy. These non-renewable sources of coal, gas, oil and peat took thousands of years to form and cannot be replaced quickly during the persons lifespan. Fossil fuels exist in the earth in fixed amounts so need to be conserved before they become fully depleted. Mineral deposits of granite, slate, sand and gravel are also non-renewable sources being excavated and consumed for construction at an alarming rate. The use and burning of fossil fuels for electricity, heating and transportation produces green house gas emissions and pollution accelerating global warming

Parallel Connected Solar Panels

parallel connected photovoltaic panel

Photovoltaic solar panels can be connected in parallel to increase the current and therefore power output of a pv array. The current outputs of the panels add together but the panel voltages must be the same for maximum array efficiency. Connecting solar pv panels together of different voltage ratings is not recommended.

Series Connected Solar Panels

monocystalline photovoltaic panel

Photovoltaic solar panels require sunlight (irradiance) to generate power so understanding how to connect solar panels in series strings is important. Not everyone can purchase the same model solar panel so wiring different wattage solar panels in series will increase the voltage but reduce the current and power output. Series connected photovoltaic panels can be used to charge batteries, operate motors, or to power any number of electrical loads as the output voltage is higher compared to a single panel

Eco-friendly Garden Watering

Water Sprinkler

Eco-friendly ways of garden watering and tips to help care for both your lawn and the environment at the same time. While gardening is a relating and enjoyable part of owning a home, it is by nature an eco-friendly activity as well. Installing rainwater harvesting barrels and butts will not only save on water, but also prevent erosion and flooding. Waste water can be used to give your garden and lawn a soaking during the coolest part of the day, allowing the water to seep into the ground before it evaporates

Biochar Energy

Biochar Energy from Biomass

Biochar is a charcoal looking carbon rich substance formed by heating organic biomass plant matter in low-oxygen conditions by a process known as pyrolysis. Biochar can be added to the soil as an amendment and fertiliser to improve soil conditions as well as the sequestation of carbon in the soil to reduce levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. There are many biomass feedstocks suitable for biochar production but the type of biomass feedstock use in the pyrolysis process will determine the quality and efficiency of the biochar product

Measuring the Power of a Solar Panel

measuring the power of a solar panel

Measuring the output power of a solar panel, cell or array gives a better understanding of the systems power performance. One of the main disadvantages of solar panels as a renewable energy device is their lack of output power when there is no sun. The performance of photovoltaic solar panels can be determined by measuring the relationship between the panels voltage, current, and therefore power output under different meteorological conditions to determine the exact amount of electrical power available from a particular solar panel

Solar Irradiance

Solar Irradiance

Solar Irradiance describes the total amount of sunlight per square meter that is available at any particular location on the Earth’s surface and is a major part in estimating the solar irradiation at a particular point required to design a sustainable energy system using photovoltaic solar panels. The performance of a solar photovoltaic panel depends on many factors, but the amount of solar irradiance in peak sun-hours during the day that the solar panels receive during the day is of major importance

Understanding Batteries

Trojan T105RE Battery

Understanding batteries and how we can use them in an off-grid or stand alone photovoltaic storage system is important for ensuring a long service life. Batteries convert chemical energy into electrical energy and vice versa, so deciding on what battery to use, or how many batteries you will need, depends on the power and capacity requirements of your solar energy application as well as what kind of deep-discharge and recharge cycling rate the batteries will be subjected to.